Charter Fishing Tips

How to Prepare

Plan to Arrive Early

Please plan to meet your captain 15 minutes before departure, arriving early enough time to park your vehicle at the following location:

Rodney S. Ketcham Boat Ramp
998 Mullet Rd
Port Canaveral, FL 32920

Rhe Rodney S. Ketcham Boat Ramp is located on the west side of the port near the Canaveral locks, and offers free parking.

Wear Comfortable, Durable Clothing and Shoes

Fishing Charters

Choose shoes and clothing to keep you comfortable for your hours on the boat:

  • Shoes – Sturdy, comfortable, nonslip footwear
  • Clothing - Dress comfortably in layers that you can add or remove depending on the weather and how you feel
  • Hat – Bring a hat to shield your head from the sun or rain
  • Sunglasses – Protect your eyes from the sun and its water reflection. Minimize dryness and irritation

Check the Weather Forecast

The weather forecast can determine what you want to wear and whether you should bring extra clothes or rain gear. Severe weather conditions may result in trip cancellation.

What to Bring

  • Friends and family – Sharing an adventure with friends and family helps make it memorable. We welcome you to bring up to five friends or family members with you, including children, to share in the fun and relaxation. We allow six people aboard for each fishing charter or tour.
  • Seasickness medication – Rough seas can cause seasickness even if you have not experienced it before. Bring the tablets as a precaution if you or someone in your group may need them.
  • Sunscreen – Overcast weather can change. Bring sunscreen even if you may not need it when the trip begins. Apply it liberally will keep your skin safe and protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can cause irritation or burns.
  • Snacks for specific dietary needs – Although we provide snacks, if you have unique nutritional needs, food sensitivities, or allergies, pack a snack bag to ensure you get enough nutrition.
  • Camera – Whether you use your smartphone or a separate camera, take pictures to capture your favorite moments, and share them on social media or with family and friends when you return home.

What we Supply

  • Fishing Rods and Reels
  • All Tackle Supplies
  • Fish Specific Bait
  • Ice Chest (Caught-Fish Storage)
  • Fishing License
  • Catch Cleaning and Filleting
  • Drinking Water
  • Light Snacks
TAC Adventures
TAC Adventures’ Cape Canaveral private fishing charter creates an exciting venue for family fun, special occasions, parties, or team-building events. We are family owned and operated by members of civil service. Contact us to ask questions about our services or book a tour today.